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With a focus on artistic excellence and community impact, the Winnipeg Arts Council supports opportunities for the people of Winnipeg to engage with the arts as artists and as audiences. Responding to evolving practices and the needs of Winnipeg’s diverse artistic community, WAC invested $3,873,310 in 2017 into the thriving Winnipeg arts scene through our diverse and peer-assessed grant programs.

Funding is available directly to Winnipeg artists and arts organizations working in all artistic disciplines through the Winnipeg Arts Council’s multidisciplinary grant programs.

For more information:

Grants for Artists

Individual Artist Grant Program

Professional Development Grant Program

Grants for Arts Administrators

Professional Development Grant Program


Grants for Collectives

Project Grant Program

Grants for Arts Organizations

Project Grant Program
The New Creations Fund
Multi-year Grant Programs

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Peer Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions about Grants

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